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Sub Saharan Africa International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference   

Eko Convention Center, Lagos, Nigeria
10-13 February 2025






Empowering Africa's Energy Landscape Through Trade

Being the biggest economy and the most populous nation in Africa, Nigeria has a unique and critical role to play towards the realization of the African Union Agenda 2063 - The Africa We Want- An integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa driven by its own citizens, representing a dynamic force in the international arena. 

Nigeria finds herself in an exciting yet challenging position in history occasioned by the advent of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) which has given impetus to a need for enhanced & effective collaboration in business, trade, and investment. While this opens significant opportunities for Africa, Nigeria is in pole position to reap the benefits of the AfCFTA pie. Successive Nigerian governments through our local content development and backward integration initiatives and with the full commitment of the private sector have consistently grown our productive capacities especially in services, food production and industry. 

The Nigeria we need to be in the evolving Africa is a prosperous country with a growing, innovative and dynamic economy, resilient to external shocks, secure in food, energy and well-being and creating decent jobs for her youthful population. With the African Continental Free Trade Area, we have an opportunity to scale up our productive capacity to serve the African market which imports circa $1trillion of goods and services annually compared to Nigeria’s total annual trade of circa $100bn. This is even more exciting as we will be trading at preferential terms and focused on products and services made in Africa, for Africa. 

NIGERIAN LOCAL CONTENT AFCFTA ENERGY SUMMIT, provides a capacity-building platform for entrepreneurs in Nigeria to be at par with international business and trade standards. It serves as an educational platform where entrepreneurs across all sectors in Nigeria can leverage ideas, opportunities, partnerships, as well as networking exercises to ensure business sustainability and growth. This Summit will enlighten the public about the Nigeria AfCFTA Implementation Strategy which acts as a blueprint for Nigeria and Nigerians, particularly entrepreneurs, to tap into the opportunities provided by the AfCFTA Agreement and its various Protocols through its effective implementation. This summit will also provide a detailed knowledge of best business practices in the areas of production, marketing, compliance, exportation, and partnerships while providing participants with the essential skills and requirements to receive funding, and evaluate business decision


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