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Sub Saharan Africa International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference   

Eko Convention Center, Lagos, Nigeria
10-13 February 2025





“SAIPEC is the most informative conference in sub-Saharan Africa, as you can comprehensively learn about what is happening within the region and the opportunities available for service providers and investors, as well as for powering regional partnerships for local content practice in the execution of projects across Africa.”

Ms Jessica Kyeyune, National Content Specialist, Uganda National Oil Company


“Attending SAIPEC 2024 will provide us with a valuable platform for networking opportunities, greater insights into industry developments and prospects, professional development, and opportunities to showcase capabilities and capacity. SAIPEC enhances the industry value as well as personal and professional growth in the oil and gas sector.

SAIPEC enables networking, partnership formation, and business development, leading to potential investment opportunities and collaborations that can advance the industry growth and competitiveness.”

Mr Kenneth Okeiyi, CEO, Eunisell Limited 


“SAIPEC 2024 remains the premier annual energy conference in sub–Saharan Africa. The conference provides a pristine environment for dialogue on energy and its role in Africa's economic growth. The diverse solutions proffered to the myriad of issues discussed will make this conference worth your while.”

Dr Riverson Oppong, Commercial Manager Economic Modelling, Risk Management and Planning, Ghana National Gas Company


“Attending SAIPEC 2024 is essential for stakeholders in Africa's energy sector due to its unique convergence of opportunities for cross-border partnerships and insights into regional energy projects. The event stands out as a pivotal platform for African service providers to engage with one another, fostering collaboration that is crucial for leveraging local content to its fullest potential.”

Ibrahima Talla, Chief Operating Officer, Invest in Africa, Senegal

"SAIPEC is indeed growing and is now a go-to conference. Congratulations to the leadership of PETAN and your team for the continuous
improvement I see year on year"


"Day 2 at #SAIPEC2024 has been incredibly productive as we dive deeper into captivating conversations and uncover promising opportunities in our field. With tomorrow marking the grand finale, we're excited to make the most of every moment and connect with even more industry"

Wellfluid Services, Exhibitor SAIPEC 2024

Ibrahima Aminu
Business Development Director, Invest Africa, Republic of Ghana

"The discussions were
interesting and insightful.
The next steps will be to try
and implement the bright
ideas that came through"

Ministry of Petroleum and Energies (Senegal)

Riverson Oppong
Manager, Commercial Operations
Ghana National Gas Company

"Until now, every other continent had a plan for Africa but Africa had none for itself. Thanks to SAIPEC - the game changing event that brings together leaders across Africa's energy industry to find and build solutions for Africa's industries and energy needs towards actualizing UN SDGS.

As anticipated, the mix of persons with huge convictions in the realisation of African content, the collection of expertise, and the business aura were evident throughout the event. TWF is indeed pleased to be identified with the SAIPEC brand - Africa's biggest petroleum and energy conference. We are almost already planning for SAIPEC 2025."

The Welding Federation, Exhibitor and Endorsing Partner 2024

“Local content collaboration is paramount, NCDMB is leading the way across Africa when it comes to local content. We need to ensure our targets are continually met and carry on demonstrating to Africa that the NCDMB is ensuring companies operate in Nigeria with local content at the forefront of their business.”

ENG. Simbi Wabote, The Executive Secretary, Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB)

"We can't help but reflect on how #SAIPEC2024 unfolded, each moment more inspiring than the last. We look forward to harnessing the insights gained, the relationships built, and the innovative ideas sparked to propel us into a future filled with possibilities."

Arkland Group, SAIPEC Exhibitor 2024

“As a prospecting country, SAIPEC has enabled us to share our experience, but more importantly, learn from established and mature markets such as Nigeria and Ghana, the event has provided us with a lot of collaboration opportunities and know-how for the future.”

Mr. Lamin Camara
Permanent Secretary, Gambia National Oil Company



“Having travelled for two days to arrive here, we would like to thank the organisers for pulling together all these IOCs and NOCs under one roof. For me, this has been a very educational and great learning experience, we look forward to future events.”

Mr. Manuel Sithole
General Manager, INP Mozambique

“The future of energy in Sub Saharan Africa is bright, especially with offshore exploration development. Collaboration should be across all segments of the industry; from ideas sharing to human resource exchange, SAIPEC is the platform we have all been looking to convene at.”

Mr. Omar Mitha
Former Chairman/CEO, Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos (ENH)

"SAIPEC 2024, the Sub-Saharan Africa International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference, made history by delving deep into the heart of Africa's energy sector, providing attendees with an immersive experience like never before."

Eunisell, SAIPEC 2024 Sponsor

"I wish to commend the organisers of SAIPEC. Nigeria and the rest of Africa have been crying out for a platform of this level for many years to enable the NCDMB for its effective promotion of local content with the continent.”

Dr. Omar Farouk Ibrahim, Secretary General, APPO

"SPE UNILAG extends her heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Riverson and the esteemed organizers of the 2024 SAIPEC conference for extending an invitation to SPE UNILAG, acknowledging the pivotal roles that students and youths embody within the energy industry. The conference, held from 13th - 15th February, served as a beacon of knowledge and collaboration, emphasizing the paramount importance of diversity and inclusion in shaping the future of the energy sector. Through insightful talks and engaging discussions, attendees delved into the multifaceted dimensions of sustainable energy practices and innovative solutions."

Society of Petroleum Engineers Nigeria

"The focus is important because it creates opportunities for  interaction and collaboration amongst the NOCs and major players in Sub Saharan Africa, it is a very good initiative.”

Eng. Seyi Omotowa
General Manager, NAPIMS, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

"There should be open investment opportunities across the African countries. Collaborative exchange of the huge resource base on experience and development are important to Africa’s oil and gas industry and the more we collaborate at meetings like SAIPEC, the greater value will be delivered to the people to ease business migration."

Dr. Ibrahima Diaby,
Former CEO, Société Nationale d’Opérations Pétrolières de la Côte d’Ivoire, PETROCI

"We are seeing a lot of Nigerian companies express interest in Uganda given the vast opportunities, this is paramount to the development of Uganda’s oil industry, ensuring we utilise the best practice and experience of developed experts, IOCs, NOC and companies throughout the oil value chain"

Dr. Michael Mugerwa
General Manager, Uganda Refinery Holding Co, UNOC

"It opens our understanding to the many many ways we can harness our energy potential, development for the betterment of the country.”

Mr. Timothy Kabba,
Director General, Petroleum Directorate - Sierra Leone 

“SAIPEC is a great place to network, meet professionals from other countries, share experiences and build relationships. Many people that would not be easily approachable can be accessed at SAIPEC and long-term relationships can be built.”

Jessica Kyeyune, National Content Specialist, Uganda National Oil Company, Uganda

Aissatou Cissokho
CEO & Founder, Senegal Oil & Gas Academy (SOGA)

"SAIPEC can allow us to meet people and make a strong network for a better, stronger oil and gas economy in Africa"

Aissatou Cissokho
CEO & Founder, Senegal Oil & Gas Academy (SOGA)

Saihou Omar Gigo
Board Chairperson, Gambia National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC)

Joseph Anthony Carew
Chief Executive Officer and Founder Director, Hommaston Limited and General Secretary, Oil and Gas Trainers Association of Nigeria


"We take joy in the fact that the knowledge-sharing
from SAIPEC annually has facilitated the improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of local content practice in the execution of projects across Africa."

Chinedu Maduakoh, Managing Director, Topline Limited