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Sub Saharan Africa International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference   

Eko Convention Center, Lagos, Nigeria
10-13 February 2025


Shell Nigeria Gas

Platinum Partner

Shell Nigeria Gas Ltd is a fully owned Shell company incorporated in 1998 for the downstream distribution of gas to industries in Nigeria. Its mission is to provide manufacturing and industrial customers with a clean, reliable, low-cost alternative to liquid fuel and to assist in building a stronger Nigerian economy.

Shell Nigeria Gas is part of Shell Energy in Nigeria. Shell Energy has the goal to accelerate the delivery of competitive and reliable energy enabling economic development and growth.

SNG operates a growing world class gas transmission and distribution network of over 150km in Nigeria. Today over 130 industrial customers are already connected to these gas grids. SNG also has a strong relationship with virtual pipeline operators keen on developing compressed natural gas (CNG) and mini liquefied natural gas (LNG) grids across Nigeria.

Together with its partners and local stakeholders SNG have agreements to build infrastructure and deliver natural gas to industrial and commercial customers in Ogun, Abia, Oyo, Rivers, Bayelsa and Lagos States. The natural gas is used by local manufacturers to make household consumables, beverages, utensils and hardware.

SNG’s customers include Africa’s largest float glass factory, Nigeria’s largest ceramics manufacturer and a number of household brand names. The value chain we sustain drives industrialisation, provides employment for skilled and unskilled local population and improves internally generated revenues in these states.

SNG has built a reputation for safety and credibility and is the first gas distribution company in Nigeria whose facility is ISO 14001 certified.

Today, Shell Nigeria Gas operates under the Shell Energy brand; a business line established in Nigeria in 2021 to expand natural gas marketing and sales. Consolidating SNG’s successes achieved in previous years and in line with the federal government’s “Decade of Gas” initiative.

Shell Energy Nigeria is part of Shell Energy Trading, Shell’s global gas & power marketing and trading business.  Shell Energy has the goal to accelerate the delivery of competitive and reliable energy enabling economic development and growth.

What we do

We deliver natural gas to industrial and commercial consumers via our gas transmission and distribution network.

Our core business objectives are:

  • To provide cleaner, cheaper and more reliable alternative fuel and feedstock using natural gas, with projects built within a short time cycle
  • To develop a gas transmission network for the distribution of natural gas to our customers
  • To help identify, develop and grow the natural gas market in Nigeria
  • To ensure the safe, smooth and efficient operation and maintenance of our gas facilities.

Where we operate

SNG currently operates in Ogun, Abia, Oyo, Rivers, Bayelsa and Lagos States with plans underway to expand to more states across the country. Within Ogun State, we operate in the key Agbara and Ota industrial areas. In Abia State, we serve customers in Aba and its environs, whilst in Rivers State, we operate in parts of Port Harcourt. In addition, SNG is collaborating and partnering with key stakeholders to build infrastructure and deliver gas to industrial customers in Lagos, Oyo and Bayelsa States.

In Ogun State, SNG supplies gas to over 120 customers across the Ota metropolis; Agbara Industrial Estate, the largest industrial cluster in Nigeria; as well as the Ogun-Guangdong Free Trade Zone, which houses the largest ceramic and float glass manufacturers in Nigeria.

The Aba transmission network connects Ogbor Hill, Osisioma and Ariaria Industrial zones. In Aba, we supply pipeline gas to major industrial customers, including Ariaria Market Energy Solutions Limited, the Independent Power Project (IPP) consortium that provides electricity to the popular Ariaria market in

Abia State. Ariaria International Market is one of the largest leather shoe-making and open stall markets in West Africa, with over 37,000 shops and an estimated one million

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