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Sub Saharan Africa International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference   

Eko Convention Center, Lagos, Nigeria
10-13 February 2025


Calaya Engineering Services Limited

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Calaya Engineering Services Limited is a leading oil field technology solution provider; an indigenous oil and gas company incorporated under the laws of the federal republic of Nigeria in the year 2005.

We have our offices in Port Harcourt (Nigeria), Lagos (Nigeria), Guinea, Angola, Congo Brazzaville, Spain, United Kingdom and Malaysia. We have executed over 150 Projects and fully certified for all activities we are involved in, E.g., ISO 9001:2015 (QMS), ISO 45001:2018, ABS, NSE, DUN & BRADs, NACE, and so on... We are associate member of the International Well Control Forum (IWCF) and a cooperate partner of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT).
At Calaya Engineering Services Limited, we pride ourselves in delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges of the oil and gas industry.
Our services play a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency, sustainability, and growth of businesses within the oil and gas sector. Calaya Engineering Services Limited, driven by a commitment to excellence and a diverse range of services, stands ready to meet the evolving needs of the oil and gas industry with proficiency and innovation.

Our keen knowledge in the Oil & Gas industry and innovation on scheduled delivery has helped us meet the needs of our clients with credible OEMs covering our areas of specialization.

Calaya Engineering Services, a leading force in the engineering and energy sector, has strategically partnered with various multinational OEM and ODMs to deploy cutting-edge technologies to execute several projects with advanced technologies that focuses on cost minimization, time efficiency, and long-term preservation of assets and increase revenue for our esteemed clients, further solidifying the company's commitment to driving innovation in the industry.
Our keen knowledge in the Oil & Gas industry and innovation on scheduled delivery has helped us meet the needs of our clients with credible OEMs covering our areas of specialization.

Our services basically Engineering, Procurement and Construction services cut across the upstream, midstream and downstream sector of the oil and gas industry.
• Pipeline laying/Fabrication/Repairs.
• Hott Tapping Services.
• Wireline, Slickline Operations
• Pipeline Leak Sealing
• Pipeline Pre/Decommissioning
• Pipe Fabrication /Flow line construction and Hook up

• Manual NDT (UT, RF,MPI & PT)
• Inline Inspection (IP-MFL, UT, etc.)
• Acoustic Emission & Phonon Technology
• LRUT (Long Range Ultrasonic Inspection test)
• Digital Radiography X-ray
• UT, Phased Array, Weld joint inspection
• 3D corrosion mapping
• Statutory inspection of facilities

• Cathodic Protection
• Hydrojet and Blasting
• Corrosion control Coating
• Internal corrosion Monitoring
• Production chemical and laboratory supplies

• Well Intervention Services.
• Well Completion

• HVAC/Electrical Installation and Maintenance Services
• Cleaning of Tanks, Test Separator, Pipe & Platform


Products of Calaya Engineering Services include:
RS CLARE & CO Ltd (Innovation since 1748) RS Clare are manufacturers of advanced lubricants and sealants for oil and gas valves. The reputation RS Clare has for the quality and performance of their valve greases has been achieved during their long history of serving the global oil and gas market. RS Clare valve lubricants 601 and sealants 701 have been field tested and are proven at enabling operators to increase re-greasing intervals and reduce the number and frequency of valve repairs, resulting in much lower operational costs and fewer production shut-downs or instances of non-production time (NPT). .RS Clare Valve lubricant range has been comprehensively proven to deliver increased integrity and valve functionality. RS Clare Valve Sealants support the in-field sealing of gate valves with moderate to severe damage.

SRJ delivers strategic, operational consulting services and cost-saving asset integrity test management solutions, enabling the improved performance of assets and projects.

NGL Tech is an international technology development and engineering company incorporated in Malaysia providing engineering services and turnkey delivery for proprietary technology technologies and process system for the Oil & Gas and related industries.

I2S changes the underwater inspection sector by offering a camera for underwater robots (ROV/AUV) and/or professional divers. The latter can significantly improve the visibility distance and thus perform inspections of a higher quality.

Lex Technology have designed innovative solutions that meet these demands and have developed technology that can significantly improve the production efficiency of wells, whatever the level.

RemediAde is a highly-effective and eco-friendly, all natural and organic (non-chemical) solution that rapidly bio-remediates hydrocarbons in soil and water.
IP Technology seeks innovating intellectual property solutions for seamless management and protection. A reliable company for pipeline inspection and data analysis with rich experience, the full range of services includes cleaning, geometry, and deformation inspection, metal loss and crack inspection, data analysis, and pipeline integrity assessment.

Downhole video and intervention (DHVI) tools are engineered to be deployed in Horizontal or Vertical well on coiled tubing (conventional and E-coil), wireline and slick line in surface read out (SRO) or memory modes. DHVI is a technology focused on consistently getting you downhole IMAGES and very cost-effective results.
Quantum Downhole System is a patented system that uses its technology to deliver field-proven concentric coiled tubing solutions that Clean, Clear and Provide Production Evaluation for Under-Pressured Horizontal Wells. Precise Downhole Solutions provides absolute solutions to all types of downhole instrumentation; specializing in pressure, temperature, acoustics, strain, and intelligent flow-control.

Shoot Fire from Vimal Fire Controls is, engaged in the manufacturing of sophisticated products ranging from Specialized Fire Extinguishers and Advanced Fire Fighting Systems to many more.

TCK.W Rope Monitor Invented Currently the World’s Most Advanced “Magnetic Memory Wire Rope AI Weak Magnetic Detection Technology” It Can Inspect Broken Wire, Abrasion, Corrosion, and Fatigue Caused by Strength Loss on Wire Rope Qualitatively and Quantitatively and Position the Defects.

In a rapidly evolving industry, staying ahead of the curve is imperative. Calaya Engineering Services is committed to embracing innovation and emerging technologies. In this edition, we explore the latest trends in the engineering sector, highlighting how we are incorporating cutting-edge solutions to enhance project efficiency and sustainability.

Calaya Engineering Services Limited Products are available for implementation across various industries. For more information on these products and how they can benefit your organization, please visit

About Calaya Engineering Services: Calaya Engineering Services is a [brief description of the company, its expertise, and values]. With a proven track record of [highlight key achievements], the company continues to lead in providing innovative engineering solutions for a sustainable world.

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