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Sub Saharan Africa International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference   

Eko Convention Center, Lagos, Nigeria
10-13 February 2025


Oloruntoba Ipinyemi

Mr Oloruntoba Ipinyemi

Petrophycist, Ashbard Energy

Oloruntoba Ipinyemi is a highly skilled professional with a background in Computer Electronics and a specialization in Reservoir Petrophysics. With a comprehensive understanding of both open-hole and cased-hole petrophysical interpretation and analysis, Oloruntoba has navigated the complexities of offshore, land, and swamp terrains in the Niger Delta.

Oloruntoba Ipinyemi has a successful track record in reservoir management, showcasing a talent for leveraging various cased-hole data to offer strategic recommendations for optimizing ultimate hydrocarbon recovery. Proficient in data analytics, Oloruntoba employs the Python programming language for data wrangling and visualization, complemented by knowledge in machine learning and artificial intelligence within the geosciences domain.

Well-versed in the use of diverse petroleum engineering and petrophysical software packages, including Schlumberger Techlog, Emeraude, Sapphire (Kappa), Excel, and Warrior software for downhole data acquisition (SDS), Oloruntoba is a versatile expert in the field. Notably, they have co-authored an SPE paper titled "Solving Formation Evaluation Challenges Using a Combination of Open and Cased Hole Logging Technology" (SPE203769-MS), underlining a commitment to advancing industry knowledge and best practices.

Oloruntoba Ipinyemi's dynamic professionalism, technical proficiency, and in-depth understanding of reservoir dynamics position them as a valuable contributor to the success of any project or team in the field of Petrophysics.