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Sub Saharan Africa International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference   

Eko Convention Center, Lagos, Nigeria
10-13 February 2025


02 Feb 2024

RS Clare

Calaya Engineering Services Limited Stand: H20

The reputation RS Clare has for the quality and performance of our valve greases has been achieved during our long history of serving the global oil and gas market.RS Clare valve lubricants and sealants have been field tested and are proven at enabling operators to increase re-greasing intervals and reduce the number and frequency valve repairs, resulting in much lower operational costs and fewer productions shut-downs or instances of non-production time (NPT).

RS Clare Lubricant 601 is one of the industry' most succesful and most widely used gate valve lubricant ranges. It was designed to provide exceptional performance across thr widest range of well operating conditions, processes and equipment applications.

RS Clare Sealant 701 provides superior sealing performance for leaking gate valves.Drsigned to futher expand on the sealing perfomance that has been achieved with valves Lubricant 601, valve Sealant 701 is a corrective maintenance solution with the capability to seal leaking gate valves where previous attempts have failed.

-RS Clare 701 Able to seal gate valves which have moderates to severe damage on the gate and seats.

-RS Clare 701 does not harden like other sealants offering consistently good lubricant qualities in conjunction with it''s market leading sealing capabilities.

-RS Clare 601 performs effectively when there is some leakage across the valve, indicating damage to the seal surface.

RS Clare 601 reduces spend on replacement valve components or  replacements valves. 


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