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Sub Saharan Africa International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference   

Eko Convention Center, Lagos, Nigeria
10-13 February 2025


02 Feb 2024


Calaya Engineering Services Limited Stand: H20

Remediade is a proprietary blend of organic products designed to treat hydrocarbon pollution spills in an environmentally friendly and a highly efficient way. It is effective on land and in water, it can be used on a diverse variety of hydrocarbon spills.RemediAde is used by oilfield, chemical and manufacturing industries for years. RemediAde is cost effective and has been used in hundreds of hydrocarbon and salt water spill clean ups in oilfield operations and at chemical plant facilities. RemediAde is a combination of plant extracts and other organic substances designed to promote rapid insitui bacteria growth for bio-remediation of hydrocarbons. The unique production process of RemediAde contributes to the groth of bacteria that effectively assists in the bio-remediation of hydrocarbons.

RemediAde successfully remediates

- Pipeline breaks and spills

- Storage tank overflows

- Oil contamination cleanup in marshlands and beaches

- Soil remediation at and around tank farms

- Wellhead clean ups

- Hydrocarbon dump yard soil remediation

- Refinery clean ups

- Cresote contamination.

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