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Sub Saharan Africa International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference   

Eko Convention Center, Lagos, Nigeria
10-13 February 2025


22 Jan 2024


Oilserv Stand: E25

 Oilserv uses cold pipe bending machines to manage diverse pipe structures and ensure successful oil and gas pipeline installation. These specialized equipment is crucial for projects like the Ajaokuta-Kaduna-Kano (AKK) initiative, where flexibility and precision are needed to navigate complex geometries and challenging terrains. The AKK project requires innovative solutions to address pipeline installation intricacies, and Cold pipe bending machines are instrumental tools designed to shape and manipulate pipes without compromising structural integrity. This technology allows pipelines to adapt to specific landscape contours, ensuring seamless integration through bends and curves.

By using cold pipe bending machines, the AKK project can achieve a more efficient and cost-effective pipeline installation process. These machines offer precise control over the bending process, reducing the need for extensive manual labor and minimizing the risk of errors or damage to the pipes. Additionally, the ability to shape pipes without compromising their structural integrity ensures long-term reliability and durability of the pipeline system. 

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