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Sub Saharan Africa International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference   

Eko Convention Center, Lagos, Nigeria
10-13 February 2025


15 Jan 2024

A Breakthrough in Lubricant Technology for the Energy Sector

Calaya Engineering Services Limited Stand: H20

RS Clare are manufacturers of advanced lubricants and sealants for oil and gas valves and the supplier of choice to major exploration and production (E&P) operators worldwide, and the only oilfield lubricant manufacturer with a single product approved by the 6 major global valve OEMs. RS Clare premium valve lubricants are completely hydrocarbon resistant so that even in the most aggressive environments, valves are protected and well integrity is maintained.

The reputation RS Clare has for the quality and performance of our valve greases has been achieved during our long history of serving the global oil and gas market. their valve lubricants and sealants have been field tested and are proven at enabling operators to increase re-greasing intervals and reduce the number and frequency of valve repairs, resulting in much lower operational costs and fewer production shut-downs or instances of non-production time (NPT).

RS Clare’s technical approach to solving customers’ problems is why they are considered the lubrication experts of critical upstream valves across the industry. RS Clare has over two decades of experience in developing the most advanced lubrication and sealing solutions for upstream valves.

The selection of the correct high-performance grease is proven to significantly influence the sustained integrity of API 6A gate valves. We work in technical partnerships to solve customers’ problems and help them reduce their operational costs with the most innovative lubrication products available on the market.

VALVE LUBRICANTS Our Premium valve lubricant range has been comprehensively proven to deliver increased integrity and valve functionality. • Developed in conjunction with valve OEMs, international E&P operators and NOCs • Extensive lab R&D and full scale valve testing • Backed by critical field trials.

THE VALVE LUBRICANT 601TM range is one of the Industry’s most successful and most widely used gate valve lubricant ranges. It was designed to provide exceptional performance across the widest range of well operating conditions, processes and equipment applications. 601 holds a large library of case studies, field success testimonials and performance reports and is widely acknowledged across the industry by Field Operators, Drilling Contractors, Well Intervention and Workover Companies. It is approved by several leading API 6A OEMs and holds the most approvals for any single product grade.

VALVE LUBRICANT KEY FUNCTIONS • Provide an integral lubricating film between the gate and seat and the threaded stem • Withstand the high interfacial contact stress between gate and seat surfaces • Displace corrosive chemicals and fluids from the valve cavity • Provide a barrier to prevent further ingress of contaminants, especially sand • Provide additional corrosion protection to the ‘exposed’ internal valve components

PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE Fully resistant to produced hydrocarbons and other aggressive chemicals, our lubricants will not be dissolved and displaced from the valve cavity. Components will remain protected from damage and wear, and the ingress of contaminants such as sand will be prevented.

CORRECTIVE MAINTENANCE Through decades of carefully monitored use in the field, RS Clare’s valve lubricants have been proven to seal leaking gate valves for sustained periods, where other valve lubricants have been unsuccessful.

Valve Sealants support the in-field sealing of gate valves with moderate to severe damage. Gate valves leak when there is damage across the sealing surfaces of the gate or seats, in the form of galling, scoring or cutting. Boasting full resistance to produced fluids and gases and excellent lubricity, our non-hardening sealants will ensure the valve will still operate even under high differential pressure.

RS Clare’s sealant range is guaranteed to reduce the operational costs associated with leaking valves. This performance has been proven both in the pressure test workshop, by using purposely cut seats in the test valve, and across the industry in field deployment. Many successes have been documented, after all other attempts to seal the valve with sealant products have failed.


The Valve Sealant 701 range of products provides superior sealing performance for leaking gate valves. Designed to further expand on the sealing performance that has been achieved with Valve Lubricant 601TM, Valve Sealant 701 is a corrective maintenance solution with the capability to seal leaking gate valves where previous attempts have failed.

Gate valves leak when there is damage across the sealing surfaces of the gate or seats, in the form of galling, scoring or cutting, and the severity of the damage is key to how well a certain lubricant or sealant will perform. Valve Sealant 701’s sealing particles help to fill the damaged area and assisting the valve to hold pressure across the seal system so that operations can continue with limited down time.


“Switching to RS Clare has made a huge difference, especially in the summer months because the old grease was almost turning to water in summer and did not stick well to the rails so we would use much more grease. Our lubricators are now more reliable and we’re realising significant cost savings, all while protecting the environment.

“We were pleased with how quickly 601TM stopped the leaking on the valves we trialed and we're using this in all of our UMV's to protect the valves from damage and minimise the risk of leaking in the future.”

Calaya Engineering Services Limited proudly announces a strategic partnership with a leading Sealant and Lubricant OEM; RS Clare. This collaboration enhances our product line with cutting-edge solutions, ensuring superior quality and performance. Together, we are committed to delivering innovative, reliable solutions for our customers across various industries.

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