The Steering Committee is the driving force behind SAIPEC's programme and content

It is made up of some of the most influential and experienced professionals in the sector today and together, they ensure the programme continues to address the most important issues for Sub-Saharan Africa and all its stakeholders with an interest in the future of the industry in the region.

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Steering Committee

20 Results

Organising Committee

Mr. Chinedu Maduakoh, Conference Chairman, PETAN and SAIPEC

Mr. Rob Percival, Managing Director, Global Event Partners

t: +44 7815 750344 | e: [email protected] 

Mrs. Adejumoke Oyedun, Administration Secretary, PETAN and SAIPEC Event Director 
t: 080 372 55190 | e: [email protected]

Mr. Paul Gilbert,  SAIPEC Event Director
t: +44 7850 025295 | e: [email protected]