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Eko Convention Centre, Lagos
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23 - 25 February 2022
Part of the Oil, Gas and Energy Series
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Ghana National Gas Company

Ghana National Gas Company
National Partner 2021


In 2011, the Government of Ghana mandated Ghana National Gas Company (Ghana Gas) as the premier and sole company to execute (build, own and operate) an infrastructure of gas pipelines and plants in the Western Region of Ghana.

 Under the astute leadership of Dr. Ben Asante, who has led the company successfully to establish additions in administrative buildings, operations, expansion and maintenance of the gas infrastructure, beyond the borders of the Western Region. The company has also recently installed additional equipment to enhance efficient delivery and to sustain reliable gas volumes to its customers and off-takers.

Ghana Gas has an average staff strength of about 490 members with diverse expertise, based at the Head Office in the capital, Accra and at the various Plants and Stations across the Western Region. Human capacity building is integral to the company and due to that, the company is totally operationalized against odds by hiring indigenous Ghanaians as Ghana Gas employees, after taking over from the Chinese company Sinopec in 2017.

The Project affected communities have also benefited from the visionary leadership of Dr. Asante. He has ensured implementation of one of his key business models, “Community Development”, and overseen countless community projects undertaken to enhance the livelihoods of the locals.

The company continues to look-forward with the expansion of various Pipeline Projects.