Media Partner

Established in 2001 as a non-profit organisation, Penplusbytes is committed to enhancing governance by deepening citizen’s participation through ICT. Penplusbytes’ overarching philosophy is that establishing effective working relationships with major stakeholder including citizens is the key to being relevant and delivering value. The organisation currently organises its work around three thematic areas namely; Extractives (Mining, Oil and Gas), New Media and Innovations and the use of New Digital Technologies to drive Good Governance and Transparency.

Over its 17 years of operations, the organisation has implemented varied projects across Africa. Penplusbytes, over the years has developed the skill and capacity in managing multi-country projects and has garnered long years of experience in delivering projects with complex technological requirements and civil society linkages. Moreover, the organisation has developed the expertise of ensuring a people-centred technology approach in all its projects including in-house technology solutions development.